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The Select Roofco 5 Point Guarantee

1. Up-front Pricing!

Never pay more than you expect! No hidden fees… No surprises. We show you the total price up-front, before we start the work!

2. Emergency Service!

Don’t risk further damage to your home! Let us know that you need a temporary tarp and we’ll arrive at your doorstep the very same day! Service when YOU need it!

3. Quick and On-time Service!

Some roofing projects take several days to complete and can be a little inconvenient to the home owner.  We make the process as painless as possible.  We schedule around your needs.  If a certain day of the week is more convenient or even the weekend we do our best to accommodate you.  Our workmen are quick, reliable and expert craftsmen.  They do perfect work and leave your property in spotless condition.

4. Five Year Warranty!

We guarantee our work for 5 Years! If your roofing issue reoccurs at any point within 5 years of your service, we’ll come out and repair it for FREE! We stand behind our work with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  Ask us about our manufacturer’s extended warranties.


5. Expert Workmen!

While roofing is in our name, often we are the general contractor in charge of the entire repair to your home or office.  We have expert workmen in every trade a take each detail of your project very seriously!